Weekend Edition – The Broad Place

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Weekend Edition

    L E T T E R from Jac – Inner Stillness

    I think we all know we’re probably pushing it a little hard. We all have past experience with burnout, having lit ourselves alight […]

    WEEKEND EDITION with Amanda Talbot

    Amanda is a dear friend of ours, and we have not only worked together, (you might remember Hiro her little […]

    W E E K E N D E D I T I O N 21

    Photo from our India Retreat in Rishikesh Oh my lord is it excellent to be home! So emotional! So wonderful! […]

    W E E K E N D E D I T I O N 18

    LISTEN Sri M recently did a talk in LA that Jeff and Adele helped organise, and it was recorded and you can […]

    W E E K E N D E D I T I O N 17

    This Weekend Edition is going to be all about the weekend. I’m also going to trim them down in size […]

    W E E K E N D E D I T I O N 16

    This happens every time I return from a trip, I crave home cooked everything, and if eating out, it has […]


    There seems to be an accidental theme to this Weekend Edition is which is curiosity. My process is to collect […]


    Ohayo everyone!!  I am penning this from Okinawa in Japan, and in all honesty, the time here has been so […]

    Weekend Edition 11

    The weekend is here!! I will be enjoying the next three days at the splendid Splendour In The Grass festival, […]

    Weekend Edition 10

    This Weekend Edition I am writing from an iPad. With very little battery, and the slowest wifi ever, so I […]

    Weekend Edition 9

    This Weekend Edition is going to be a touch shorter than the other ridiculously long ones, as I pen it […]

    Weekend Edition 8

    This week we have been in Melbourne teaching meditation, exploring, eating like crazy and in general having a ball. It’s […]

    Weekend Edition 7

    Arran and I are working on so many projects at the moment together, and it feels so good to have […]

    Weekend Edition 6

    Weekends are always such a nice space to reset the system for ourselves and take the time to bring in […]

    Weekend Edition 5

    The weather has been rather bleary in Sydney, and I think discussing the weather is a waste of time, even […]

    Weekend Edition 4

    In Sydney, we have had a chill and rain in pockets and it will continue through the weekend. Our fireplace […]

    Weekend Edition 3

    It’s been a beautiful week as Arran and I had a little city stay. If you want all the details […]

    Weekend Edition 2

    It’s been an absolutely huge week for me, and a giant weekend lays ahead of me teaching with Jeff Kober […]