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L E T T E R – Tuesday Tips; Taking Time To Retreat

Easter is this weekend, and I’m personally taking time out to heal and nourish myself. My dear friend and fellow teacher Claire is kindly letting me stay at her place Thursday through Tuesday, and I am going to take time for an At Home Weekend Retreat, for deepening my meditation practice, spending lots of time in…
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L E T T E R – Tuesday Tips; Let’s Dedicate 1% Of Our Day To Learning

Part of our Integrated Meditation program is encouraging 1% of the day dedicated to learning. It’s just 15 minutes. Reading something of a high grade, about creativity, consciousness and clarity creates inspiration, new ways of thinking and more importantly begins to pave new ways of being in the world. Knowledge is power. When the mind…
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L E T T E R – Tuesday Tips; Something Sweet For The Afternoon

In Ayurveda, there are three dosha’s and the Vata dosha, when out of balance, can cause anxiety, sleeplessness and restlessness. Which is pretty much everyone in modern society, hehe. Balancing the Vat dosha involves many things, I’ve written a piece on it here. One of my favourite little Data balancing takeaways, my Ayurvedic doctors over the years…
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