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inspirational messages

    L E T T E R – Anxiety

    I have one rule for our meditation students and that is that they never apologise for not meditating.   Being […]

    L E T T E R – Choices

    When we were in Los Angeles we went to a small, lesser-known private art gallery, and the gentleman working there […]

    L E T T E R – R E C O V E R Y

    We are all recovering from something, whether it be grief, the ego’s grip, addiction, perfectionism, heartbreak. There’s deep recovery, and […]

    L E T T E R – To Tread Lightly

    I like to think of this not just as treading the earth lightly, but whilst treading, being ultra aware of […]

    L E T T E R – Soul Search

    Not often are we encouraged in the West to renew our spirit and our spiritual thinking. I’m writing this from […]

    L E T T E R – The Power Of Water

    Water, the incredibly dynamic and flexible qualities that can shift it from ice to fluid, to steam. Imagine if we […]

    L E T T E R – Our Last Act

    What if today was the very last day of our lives? If tomorrow we never woke up. I like entertaining this line […]

    L E T T E R – Inside Out

    It’s tempting to think that all the answers lie outside of us. It allows us to hold others responsible. To […]

    L E T T E R – Empathy

    We get mean when we feel scared. It’s pretty simple yet we forget this all the time. The difference in […]

    L E T T E R – Just Now

    Future Projecting is something I teach and talk about a lot, as it’s a huge rut we get stuck in. […]

    L E T T E R – Defining Success

    I loved reading the bravery, anguish, creative processes and determination of Bill Strickland in his autobiographical book Making The Impossible […]

    L E T T E R – F*#k The Fear

    Rest is undervalued in today’s frenetic society. I know it for myself. I burnt the candles at both ends for […]

    L E T T E R – What Is Happy?

    If you’ve had an upbringing remotely similar to mine, you may have found yourself with an ingrained belief that you […]

    L E T T E R – Commitment

    Have you ever found your self ‘sitting by the door’ in life, always having one eye on your nearest exit? […]

    L E T T E R – Never Burn

    In today’s society, which is riddled with muddled messaging, knowing how to hold oneself is becoming increasingly challenging. Sayings such […]

    L E T T E R – Our 10,000 Teachers

    Just for today, imagine that every single person in your life, is there to teach you something. Something small, something […]

    Wishing Won’t Work

    Sometimes the intellect can be so defined, that we forget we must apply it. Like a tool that sits in […]

    So Much Opportunity

    Such a simple shift in mindset occurs when reading this. I like the word opportunity. It means gift, which sometimes […]

    The Real Miracle

    I honestly am not sure I can contribute any more to this beautiful quote, except to provide it as a […]

    It Takes Two To Tango

    I was terribly bullied as a little kid and again as a teenager. And now teaching meditation to lots of […]

    All The Damn Thoughts

    Have you ever listened to all the thoughts going on in your head? I sat in the most beautiful garden […]

    Fresh Eyes, Fresh Mind

    Beginners Mind is a Buddhist concept that I love and try to implement as much as possible. It’s not about […]

    Help Without Judgement

    Years back I read the most fabulous book called The Art Of Asking By Amanda Palmer. Yes she did a […]

    And This

    One of my all times favourites. We can look back at painful times and reflect on how important they were, how much […]

    The Constant Reminder

    What happens when a bigger ‘problem’ comes along? All the big problems before it are suddenly relegated to little problems […]

    Book Club Launch

    As avid readers and meditators here at The Broad Place, we know how transformational both these things are. We call it the […]

    The First Time Should Be Enough

    Recently I watched Oprah Winfrey being interviewed after her Cecil B. DeMille award at the Golden Globes. She said, “The […]

    Where Are You Now?

    We all seem to know this, that being present reaps the greatest rewards as a human,but very little do we […]

    A Daily Commitment

    What if it you made it this simple. What if you distilled all the self help and self development and […]

    What Will You Think

    There is so much talk of the power of positive thinking, so much science to back it up, yet I […]

    When Things Go Wrong

    This week, let’s actively make choices to either gently flow in the direction of what is going right, and if […]

    The Heart

    I often ponder why it’s so hard to follow our hearts and even harder sometimes to hear what they have […]

    What Would It Look Like

    What would it look like if you had a year to live? What would you read? What would you stop […]

    Selective Feedback

    This is such a huge topic that I might visit it a few times more!!To begin with, ensuring we only […]

    Every Bit Counts

    I really am so blown away by all the kind and encouraging messages I have been receiving to these little […]

    The Burn

    Years back I had to really ask myself why were the unimportant things and people in my life getting so […]

    The Connectedness of It All

    The other day, I wrote about the concept of letting something go, in order to invite something in. To empty […]

    Combatting Overwhelm

    This time of year is supposed to be all about fresh starts, and new beginnings and a ‘wealth of opportunity’ […]

    Why Create A Morning Routine in 2018

    Mornings for me are sacred. A time to contemplate, to be a human being. To stretch, meditate, exercise, be near […]

    Resolutions vs Intention Setting

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas/Festivus/Whatever You Celebrate and time to nourish and renew. Emily spent the time settling […]

    When Did It Get So Hard To Say Sorry

    Yesterday Arran and Marley were arguing over something small, and I stepped in with an opinion and completely overrode what […]

    Being Kind Under Pressure

    This week I woke to the micro pressures of teaching meditation, a tonne of mentoring, many many meetings, workshops, talks […]

    The Need To Disconnect To Connect

    It’s the time of year when I am at my most engaged. We have all our meditation courses before the […]

    The Medicine For Modern Living

    Seth Godin popped into my inbox with “Are there places do you feel like you’re falling behind where there’s actually […]

    A Remedy For Shame

    When I first started writing these little letters to our students, I felt the deepest shame. Who the hell was […]

    Hell Is Just Resistance To Life

    On the weekend just been I had too much to juggle and responsibilities I didn’t want to fulfill and I […]

    The Perfection Of It All

    “Thus, this supremely perfect order of the Universe goes on all around us. But the structure is so vast, and […]

    A Bumper Issue of Goodness

    We have returned from India, the place of chaos and calm, inspired, refreshed and thrilled to be home. I can’t […]

    All Those Thoughts – Which To Choose

    In a sea of 80,000-90,000 thoughts a day it’s challenging to know which are helpful, real, genuine, creative and which are crap. […]

    Diwali Evening at The Broad Place

    “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that” Martin Luther King, Jr. […]

    Q. What Will The Future Look Like?

    A. The Best Parts Of The Present I read this moving article over the weekend. My little brother is seriously disabled, and […]

    The Little Moments

    Yesterday Jeff arrived from LA, and we had a Group Meditation Meeting and spoke of how nature is at all […]

    Our Daily Work

    ‘Living a Non Monastic Life (with emails and other dreaded tasks)’ Memories back to my recent time in the redwood […]

    So Many Things

    Hello my friend, I have only just 36 hours ago returned from the most incredible 6 weeks away. I can […]

    It Might Be Easier…

    Marley and I sat in a Parisian cafe this morning. We had orange juice, coffee (well for me), baguettes and […]

    To Be Where We Are

    Today I feel like having a little bit of a rant. And then suggesting something to follow that I hope […]

    The Smaller Moments

    We just landed yesterday from Los Angeles, and I’m only home for a few rich days before I head to […]

    Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows

    We know this to be true; where we place our attention, energy will flow. So awareness of where we place […]

    Comfort Zones

    Comfort zones would have to be one of the most boring places to hang out in for extended periods of […]

    We Are What We Think

    I love this quote. So many woes we all have, so many of them imagined. The mind is a pretty […]

    Are You Ready? I Am VERY Ready…

    Arran and I are right now in Tokyo, leaving this evening after our last minute, very fulfilling trip here. We […]

    It’s All Spiritual Work

    Travel is my spiritual work. I detest car travel and air travel. I find it pushes all my buttons. The […]

    Some Mind Bait To Catch Bigger Fish

    This week I am including some juicy bits and pieces to keep your mind trained on expanding, staying creative and […]

    Is It A Frog Or An Eggplant?

    There is a a Zen Buddhist fable I have heard a few times that goes along the line of this. […]

    What If You Only Had 2 Hours

    I was listening to the Tim Ferriss Podcast as he was listing the ‘Impossible 17 Questions That Changed My Life’ […]

    What Lies In The Shadows

    This year I was dedicated to refining the difference between judgement and discernment. They really are poles apart. It’s a […]

    ‘You Are Welcome Here’

    Diving back into my Zen studies this year (a hilarious concept really as you can ‘study Zen’ you just need […]