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Lemon and Olive Oil Cake

These little cakes are dense, moist and rich with lemon. You could add in a few teaspoons of finely chopped thyme for a variation on the theme (deleting the yuzu […]

Weekend Edition 6

Weekends are always such a nice space to reset the system for ourselves and take the time to bring in clarity for the week ahead. So this Weekend Edition I […]

Weekend Edition 5

The weather has been rather bleary in Sydney, and I think discussing the weather is a waste of time, even more so complaining about it, but I raise it as […]

Weekend Edition 4

In Sydney, we have had a chill and rain in pockets and it will continue through the weekend. Our fireplace is going almost 24 hours at the moment and at […]

Weekend Edition 3

It’s been a beautiful week as Arran and I had a little city stay. If you want all the details of our Japanese experiences, check out Instagram post HERE. With teaching […]

Weekend Edition 2

It’s been an absolutely huge week for me, and a giant weekend lays ahead of me teaching with Jeff Kober over all of Saturday and Sunday. I am quite sure […]

Recycling Stress

It’s a funny thing stress isn’t it. We all say we don’t want it, yet we continually create it for ourselves through our attitudes, beliefs, conversations and thinking. As Vedic […]

Very Special Industry Course

The Broad Place have designed a special industry focussed course in Vedic Meditation to help those that nourish others full time. This includes fitness instructors, yoga teachers, studio owners, chiropractors […]


Acceptance is derived from the Latin word ‘acquiēscere’ which means to to find rest in. In today’s day and age, rest is not something we are accustomed to dedicating a […]

The Broad Place Gatherings

Join The Broad Place co-founder Jacqui Lewis in a series of evening talks that will shift thinking, provide education and teach tools for better living. Jacqui Lewis is the powerhouse behind […]

Guru Purnima Event 31st July

The word “Guru” in Sanskrit is translated as “dispeller of darkness.” The Sanskrit root gu means darkness or ignorance, and ru denotes the remover of that darkness. A guru is […]

Sago Payasam

This is the most delicious dish that my friend Mish taught me to cook. Payasam is originally from Southern India and is a dish usually made on special occasions as […]

Going With Nature’s Pull

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe; to match your nature with Nature” Joseph Campbell Over the many things that the universe […]

Spiced Ginger Afternoon Cake

This cake is warming, grounding and perfect in the afternoon with a cup of Dosha Balancing Vata Tea. I adapted it from a recipe by Rose Bakery, tweaking bits and […]

Melbourne Tour July 2015

We are proud to be traveling to Melbourne to teach from the Art Series Hotel Group Larwill Studio Hotel. Vedic Meditation teacher Jac Lewis will be teaching a program in including […]

Asia Tour – Hong Kong May 2015

We are proud to have The Broad Place traveling to Hong Kong Thursday May 28th – Sunday May 31st, then onto Singapore Monday 1st through to Friday 6th June 2015. […]

Asia Tour – Hong Kong May | Singapore June 2015

We are proud to be traveling to Hong Kong Thursday May 28th – Sunday May 31st, then onto Singapore Monday 1st through to Friday 6th June 2015. Vedic Meditation teacher […]

An Afternoon of Ayurveda

This Sunday 26th April 2015, join Jac Lewis from The Broad Place and Ayurvedic Practitioner Dylan Smith of Vital Veda for a talk on the basic principles of Ayurveda. Dylan […]

The Art of Travel

We travel a lot, and we love it. For me traveling is an extension of the exploration of the self, in the outer. We cannot experience new, wondrous things and […]

The Balance Myth

Balance. We all crave it, but is it really achievable? I personally have to come to dismiss the concept of work/life balance. I invested years fruitlessly buying into this modern […]

Exploration Manual – Ubud, Indonesia

The Broad Place is a brand centred around tools for high grade living. At The Broad Place we have an absolute love of exploration and travel. Is there a richer […]

5 Ways to Work with Nature

It is very often that we forget we are 100% made up of nature. We are so attached to all our technology and updates and connectivity, that it can be […]

What Is Vedic Rounding?

There is a secret weapon in many Vedic Meditators tool box and it is the art of Rounding. Rounding is a carefully crafted ancient Vedic practice designed to take your […]

The Broad Place Travels India – Part Two

To celebrate our upcoming announcement of our The Broad Place Retreat in India, here are some more images I took from my last trip a month or so ago…

Talking Broadly – Karen Holt

With our upcoming trip to Hong Kong we are looking forward to meeting up with Karen Holt from the Health Seed Co. It’s always amazing to travel and have like minded, savvy […]

High Grade Eating

As our thinking affects the body, in particular our digestion, what and how we think is the primary focus with High Grade eating. Limiting diets with lots of faux ‘allergies’ […]

High Grade Thinking

‘If you want to know what your thoughts were like in the past, look at your body today. If you want to know what your body will look like in […]

Hong Kong Course in Vedic Meditation

We are thrilled to be running a course in Vedic Meditation this March in Hong Kong, one of our favourite cities in the world! Vedic Meditation is the most effective […]

Talking Broadly – Gemma Davis

One of the time’s I went to Gemma’s house it was conveniently after she had been shooting for her book, and I won’t lie to you, I gorged myself on her […]

High Grade Living – Thinking Small

High Grade Living is such a beautiful concept we have developed, and it is my large focus at the moment. I want to explore some thinking around this in more […]

The Broad Place Retreat – Ubud, Indonesia

‘Yoga stah, kuru karmani’  ‘Established in Being, perform action’ (Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2, verse 48) This is a powerful line from the Vedic teachings of the Bhagavad Gita. It explains […]

The Broad Place Travels India Part One

This is a photo documentary of my recent travels through India, Part One. Part Two and Part Three to come soon! This trip was to research our upcoming Ayurvedic Retreat […]

The Broad Place Weekend Immersive Retreats

Thurs 12th – Sun 15th November 2015  (Gerroa, beachfront, 2 hours drive from Sydney) We’re all leading incredibly busy lives these days. We have families, friends, careers and more demands […]

The Top 5 Things You Want To Do in 2015 

The New Year always feels ripe with promise, rich with desire and full of potential. I don’t believe New Years Resolutions work, and instead prefer to set intentions (read more […]

How To Handbrake A Runaway Mind

RUNAWAY MIND Runaway Mind is when we get so caught up in a stream of thinking, that we have no idea what is happening in the present moment. Our mind […]

The Mahabharata – The Wisest Of Words

Under the incredibly high recommendation of my guru Thom Knoles, I have just read and completed the Mahabharata as interpreted by Ramesh Menon. It’s a Vedic epic and the Bhagavad […]

Talking Broadly – Kate Kendall

Kate Kendall is a brilliant yoga instructor and the co-creator of Flow Athletic. Her classes are some of my favourite and it was a joy to interview here here on […]


We are holding a one off half day shop here at The Broad Place studio!! Sunday 23rd November, from 12pm – 5pm we will be open for you to come […]

The Power Of Taking Time Off

We love this Ted Talk by Stefan Sagmeister, for many reasons. The guy is a design genius so Arran and I respect him immensely. He is standing up in front […]


Mashing (aka as multi tasking aka adult ADD) is when we do more than one thing at once, and this has become our way of life, mostly as we’re so […]

Talking Broadly with Leo Kats

We had the pleasure of falling in love with Liefje’s chocolate first and then their creators. Two dynamic and inspiring women who put integrity first and are ALL about High Grade […]

A Short Course In Rounding

If you are a Vedic Meditator and haven’t yet learnt the ancient art of Rounding, now is your opportunity. Rounding is an Advanced Vedic Technique that unlocks stress, tension and […]

The Impact Of Our Thoughts

Thoughts and Cellular Structure From personal experience we understand the power of words, and from a philosophical experience, that they impact us and the people around us. Did you know […]

Be Happy, Now

It’s incredibly easy to project into the future and make excuses for why we are frustrated/unhappy/cranky/dissatisfied with the present. Some of us think that life will be easier/less stressed/calmer/more fun/more […]


This is the second in a series of recipes collaborated by Jacq Alwill from Brown Paper Bag and I.  The recipes are by Jacq, and like everything she does, they’re […]

October Melbourne Course in Vedic Meditation

The format  for our course in Melbourne, will be the Friday 10th October will have four initiation sessions 11am, 3pm, 4.30pm and 6pm for people to come and attend and […]

The Broad Place Immersion Retreat

THE BROAD PLACE IMMERSION RETREAT The Broad Place is collaborating with Carla McMillan of Love Juice to bring you a luxurious pre Summer Retreat with a focus on TAKE HOME […]


Jacq Alwill from Brown Paper Bag and I have collaborated  to bring you a series of incredible recipes and I am so excited to share the first one. The recipes […]

How To Be Happier

The only people we can hold accountable for our happiness is ourselves. Annoying sometimes isn’t it. At times it’s just so much easier to whinge about not having enough time/money/love/the […]

Living A Sattvic Life

Last night we had our very first Advanced Meditation Meeting, an evening filled with a group meditation, Vedic philosophy and a beautiful Ayurvedic feast was enjoyed at The Broad Place […]

How To Create More Time

The transcontinental railroads led to the invention of time zones. For the first time, everyone needed to be in sync, regardless of what village one lived in. A few generations later, […]


The 7 Day Mind Cleanse is a revolutionary e-book that will shift and change the way in which you live, for the better. It will increase your happiness and joy, […]

Ayurvedic Cleansing Kitchari Recipe

Kitchari is an ancient Ayurvedic recipe that is nourishing, cleansing and grounding. It’s everything you could want in a single dish. It detoxes the mind and body and balances all […]

Our Personal Evolution; How To Aid It Not Hinder It

Nature is constantly trying to support us through its single endeavour, for us to evolve. Evolution is the core focus of nature, at all times. There’s nothing else actually going […]

Plum and Almond ‘Tart’

This is my failsafe go-to whip up recipe as you can put any fruit you like in there and it will work. You can undercook it or overcook it a […]

Earl Grey Sables

These little puppies are not the picture of health, let’s be honest. But they are damn fine. I have tried substituting in other ‘healthier sugars’ on this one, but if […]

Black Sesame Seed Cookies

These are so easy to make and have a dense crumbly texture in the mouth and are not too sweet with the fragrance of the sesame seeds coming through gently. […]

Want No Jetlag??

Want to rid yourself of jet lag? Who doesn’t! As a Vedic Meditator you have the world’s best tool for eliminating jet lag – your meditation practice! Flying is very […]

Gluten Free Muesli Cookies

This is seriously easy, and you can throw  together whatever suits. This batch included a dry mix of puffed millet, almonds, hazelnuts, coconut, dried green apple, dried orange, dried strawberries, […]

Recipe – Orange and Cardamom Scones

Here at The Broad Place we’re rather obsessed with Alice Gao of Lingered Upon. We tweaked a few of the ingredients here to make her delightful Orange and Cardamom Scones, […]

Advanced Meditation Meeting

Community is close to our hearts, and The Broad Place are building, creating and contributing to an inspiring collective of meditators. Join us at 5pm sharp Sunday 31st August for an intimate […]

Recipe – Gluten Free Healthy Bounty Bars

This is a dead simple little recipe to whip up that ensures any sweet tooth will be satisfied. Like with all the recipes I post on the Journal, use your […]

Perspective; What Is It and How To Get It

Irving Berlin once said that ‘Life is 10 percent what you make it and 90 percent how you take it‘. I want to talk about perspective. What does it really […]

Talking Broadly – Erin Lovell Verinder

Erin Lovell Verinder is one of the directors of Bright & Balanced Living and is also a practitioner at Orchard Street. With over 11 years experience working with health, healing and […]

The Concept Of Time

‘How we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives’ Annie Dillard Every day is filled with moments. And each moment is filled with feelings. These moments […]

Talking Broadly – Nikki Heyder

Nikki Heyder’s site NOOD is a wealth of inspiration and it was a pleasure to interview Nikki for Talking Broadly. Where do you currently live? I currently live in Perth, […]

Mindful Eating

Mindfulness is the practice of being aware of the present moment. It can be framed as ‘living in the now’ ‘being present’ and in general, awareness. What this practice does […]

Daily Digital Detox

Let’s preface this article by saying I love being connected to the world via my phone, the internet, my laptop, my iPad, you name it. One morning a little while […]

Weekly Reads Issue 4

Definitely trying this chamomile pannacotta with lemon poppy olive oil shortbread from here This looks like it would be a lovely place to sit and meditate here I do love […]

Defining and Embracing Strength

Defining and Embracing Strength ‘Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. If I keep in saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible […]

May Meditation Course – Noosa

Jacqui Lewis is travelling to Noosa, QLD in May to teach an intensive course in the art of Vedic Meditation. This meditation technique is drawn from a technique over 5000 […]

May Stress Release Retreat – Killcare

We’re all leading incredibly busy lives these days. We have families, friends, careers and more demands are being placed upon us than ever before. Did you know that we now […]

Talking Broadly – Jocelyn Petroni

I had heard and read about Jocelyn Petroni and her incredible facials so many times and the praise for her skill was always incredible. But I simply wasn’t a facial […]

A Morning Routine

A Morning Routine is a vital step in setting yourself up for success for the day. I have found it to be one of the key tools in eliminating stress […]

Weekly Reads Edition 3

A few more inspiring articles and visuals for the week ahead…I hope you enjoy A very interesting read on a Better Way To Feel About Your Body by Deepak Chopra […]

Balancing Your Dosha’s

If you are feeling cloudy and a little overwhelmed with all the wellbeing, health and diet advice out there currently, I would like to recommend you go back to basics […]

Talking Broadly – Nick Hudson

Nick Hudson I have known for quite some time, although I haven’t seen him for years now as he resides in New York and concentrates on his successful career in […]

Weekly Reads Edition 2

Stefan Sagermeister makes a compelling case for a year’s sabbatical in his TED Talk here  These Asparagus and Corn Cakes look delicious as does this Chocolate Hazelnut Torte with Salty […]

Talking Broadly – Jacqueline Alwill

We love interviewing guns here at The Broad Place, and Jacqueline Alwill certainly fits the bill. Her list of hats includes qualified nutritionist, personal trainer, mother and health expert. Her succesful […]

Weekly Reads Edition 1

Welcome to our very first Weekly Reads! This is simply a post that will happen weekly, filled with luscious links and things we find interesting. It will serve as a […]

Monkey and The Sweets

‘Holding onto anything is like holding onto your breath. You will suffocate. The only way to get anything in the physical universe is by letting go of it. Let it […]

Recipe – Salmon Gravalax

This recipe is so incredibly simple and delicious. You take a deboned side of salmon, or large fillet, whatever you can get your hands on. Rub it down with sea […]

Beneath The Surface

Captain Cook was one of the most celebrated explorers in the world. He spent decades discovering unchartered territory, and what the world had to offer. However, interestingly, he could never […]

Talking Broadly – Maryanne Edwards

Yoga teacher Maryanne Edwards has recently launched a new business Organically Wealthy. We fell in love with the name, and how she came to it. “So compelled was I to […]

Maple and Coconut Granola

This is dead simple, you just need to play with the ratios to work out what you love the most. It’s 3 cups of dry goods to 1 cup of […]

Daily Sadhana; How A Daily Routine Can Help You

Daily Sadhana, or the Rituals of Your Day Sadhana is the sanskrit term for daily practice or ritual. Defined by one of my favourite authors Maya Triwari as ‘Sadhana practices […]

Recipe – Raw Kingfish with Yuzu

This recipe is incredibly simple and very much runs on a little intuition as to the portion sizes. If it’s a starter to be followed by a main, adjust the […]

Correct Practice Of Meditation

These tips apply to Vedic Meditation, however, many are applicable to other techniques so please feel free to employ them even if you don’t practice the Vedic technique! – A […]

Talking Broadly with Nadia Marshall

We discovered Nadia through her incredible accessible and interesting books. She’s a gifted Ayurvedic consultant based on the far North Coast of NSW in Mullumbimby. We highly recommend downloading her […]

The Broad Place Travels – Lombok

After travelling for almost three weeks through Lombok, one of Indonesia’s islands, I strongly doubt we will ever again visit Bali. It’s everything Bali was over 20 years ago, rural, […]

The Broad Place Travels – Jeeva Klui, Lombok

We can’t speak more highly of Jeeva Klui. It’s the sister hotel to Jeeva Beloam. Travelling as much as we do, you become rather fussy with details when it comes […]

The Broad Place Travels – Jeeva Beloam, Lombok

We had seen in a few travel and architecture magazines this beautiful boutique resort, Jeeva Beloam. Jeeva Beloam is the smaller hotel to Jeeva Klui. It only has 11 ‘huts’ […]

The Broad Place Travels – Sempiak Villas, Lombok

 Sempiak Villa’s are beautiful and isolated. Situated in Selong Belanak, they hug a small hill, overlooking a vast amount of farmland and an isolated beach. The villa’s themselves (of which […]

Create An Evening Retreat

Our days are filled with so much activity, it’s a wonder we can even sleep at night. With anxiety, insomnia and depression all on the rise, alongside stress filled days […]

Talking Broadly with Bodha

At The Broad Place we became rather obsessed with Bodha’s elegant product and connected with the creator Emily to strike up a mutual adoration club of Japanese design, yoga and […]