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talking broadly

    L E T T E R – Concepts

    When we are learning anything, there are usually concepts involved. We want to be sure to understand them, to test them and to find our truth within them.  When we become governed by the concept over the truth though, we are bound by it. Our learning will […]

    L E T T E R – Your Heart In Your Work

    Dharma means purpose in Sanskrit, and it’s so frequently mistaken as ‘something spiritual as your work’. Especially in the modern […]

    L E T T E R – To End Comparison

    I think we intellectually know this. That copying others is futile in the quest for happiness. That authenticity is key […]

    L E T T E R – You Never Know

    I love dearly wise tales with messages especially this one, ancient Taoist story of an old farmer who had worked […]

    L E T T E R – Do It

    There are so many layers to this, and I’ll map out today a few key things to consider when wondering […]

    L E T T E R – Nowhere To Get

    With our meditation practice, with our spiritual quests, our creative endeavors, there is nowhere to get, nothing to gain. Frustrating […]

    L E T T E R – Meaningfulness

    I spent the weekend with Jeff Kober teaching about understanding our humanity, our spirituality, our dharma and how to enliven […]

    L E T T E R ­- Move Your Arse

    I think this quote is such a great follow on from yesterday and I believe it so much. I had […]

    L E T T E R – To Be Breath Taken

    I’m clearly having an emotional week as represented in all the Letters! I feel so positive and taken with the […]

    L E T T E R – The Way

    Firstly I would like to thank all of you that send me the most heartfelt and beautiful notes of gratitude […]

    L E T T E R – Courage Counts

    The writing of the Letters has taught me I think far more than I can ever share and teach through […]

    L E T T E R – Zen Walking

    Kin Hin is a very beautiful practice of walking with presence, sometimes called Zen Walking. I remember still when first […]

    L E T T E R – Anxiety

    I have one rule for our meditation students and that is that they never apologise for not meditating.   Being […]

    L E T T E R – Choices

    When we were in Los Angeles we went to a small, lesser-known private art gallery, and the gentleman working there […]

    L E T T E R – A Fractured Dance

    When I was teaching meditation in Silverlake, we spoke collectively about the current frenzy and uptake of spiritual practices and […]

    L E T T E R – An Exploration

    I love this quote by Bruce Lee. He was profound, inspiring, motivated and disciplined.    Today have a look into […]

    L E T T E R – The Journey

    Sometimes the most frequently referenced quotes and lines that are by now cheesy, are the most true, such as the […]

    L E T T E R – Soul Search

    Not often are we encouraged in the West to renew our spirit and our spiritual thinking. I’m writing this from […]

    L E T T E R – The Power Of Water

    Water, the incredibly dynamic and flexible qualities that can shift it from ice to fluid, to steam. Imagine if we […]

    L E T T E R – Our Last Act

    What if today was the very last day of our lives? If tomorrow we never woke up. I like entertaining this line […]

    L E T T E R – Inside Out

    It’s tempting to think that all the answers lie outside of us. It allows us to hold others responsible. To […]

    L E T T E R – Just Now

    Future Projecting is something I teach and talk about a lot, as it’s a huge rut we get stuck in. […]

    L E T T E R – Defining Success

    I loved reading the bravery, anguish, creative processes and determination of Bill Strickland in his autobiographical book Making The Impossible […]

    L E T T E R – F*#k The Fear

    Rest is undervalued in today’s frenetic society. I know it for myself. I burnt the candles at both ends for […]

    L E T T E R – A Cat On A Leash

    I hear too often nonsense about ‘taming the mind’ and references to a monkey and wild horses. The mind isn’t […]

    L E T T E R – Perfecting The Fundamentals

    Continuing on from yesterday’s letter, I wanted to talk further about commitment. I study karate and it’s mind-blowingly frustrating because […]

    L E T T E R – Recovery Time

    I had an experience years and years ago, where I went to see a friend of mine who is a […]

    L E T T E R – Oh Ego

    Chogyam Tungpa Rinpoche was asked by a student, “Why do you think that people are so protective of their egos? Why […]

    L E T T E R – The Universe Whispers

    Underneath all the noise; our intellect, thinking mind, egos, the exterior machinations of society, other peoples opinions, there is a […]

    L E T T E R – Commitment

    Have you ever found your self ‘sitting by the door’ in life, always having one eye on your nearest exit? […]

    L E T T E R – Never Burn

    In today’s society, which is riddled with muddled messaging, knowing how to hold oneself is becoming increasingly challenging. Sayings such […]

    L E T T E R – Our 10,000 Teachers

    Just for today, imagine that every single person in your life, is there to teach you something. Something small, something […]

    The Human Condition

    Most of us spend a large amount of time questioning our own actions, motives, worrying, fretting and stressing, about the […]

    Wishing Won’t Work

    Sometimes the intellect can be so defined, that we forget we must apply it. Like a tool that sits in […]

    So Much Opportunity

    Such a simple shift in mindset occurs when reading this. I like the word opportunity. It means gift, which sometimes […]

    The 4% Rule

    I have had the pleasure of meeting many talented people in my life, as well as many deeply conscious spiritual […]

    It Takes Two To Tango

    I was terribly bullied as a little kid and again as a teenager. And now teaching meditation to lots of […]

    All The Damn Thoughts

    Have you ever listened to all the thoughts going on in your head? I sat in the most beautiful garden […]

    A Recalibration

    Oh, how this quote resonates with me. The accompanying vulnerability, the incapacity to hold it or when an emotion breaches […]

    Meeting Yourself

    Rumi passed away 700 years ago and is still the best selling poet in America. His ecstasy filled complications of […]

    Help Without Judgement

    Years back I read the most fabulous book called The Art Of Asking By Amanda Palmer. Yes she did a […]

    The Never Ending Jigsaw

    We are so good most of the time at looking back, and admitting, sometimes admiringly, that everything was for the […]

    No BS Gratitude

    Gratitude is a buzz word right now and almost everyone in one way or another has had some involvement with […]

    High Grade Living

    High Grade Living is a commitment to living our highest vibrational selves. To audit our lives, and then edit, and […]

    The Roar of The Universe

    The ego, so loud, so insistent, so annoying, so abrupt. The heart, so gentle, so mild, so curious. If we continue to honour […]

    Down That Chute

    I love Tina Fey, and I love this quote. Overthinking jams up the whole system. We just have to get […]

    The Besieged Everydayness Of Life

    Remember that episode of The Simpsons were Marge blew a mind gasket and froze up on the bridge, windows up, refusing to […]

    The Constant Reminder

    What happens when a bigger ‘problem’ comes along? All the big problems before it are suddenly relegated to little problems […]

    Book Club Launch

    As avid readers and meditators here at The Broad Place, we know how transformational both these things are. We call it the […]

    Shhh Now, Ego

    Oh man doesn’t the ego like to stink up a tantrum when we are wondering, or worse KNOW someone else […]

    The First Time Should Be Enough

    Recently I watched Oprah Winfrey being interviewed after her Cecil B. DeMille award at the Golden Globes. She said, “The […]

    Where Are You Now?

    We all seem to know this, that being present reaps the greatest rewards as a human,but very little do we […]


    Hi everyone, This is Emily, I am a meditation teacher here at The Broad Place. I have been working with Jac […]

    Serious Trouble

    Have you picked up a copy of our The Broad Place Book Club book The Untethered Soul yet? You can […]

    A Daily Commitment

    What if it you made it this simple. What if you distilled all the self help and self development and […]

    What Will You Think

    There is so much talk of the power of positive thinking, so much science to back it up, yet I […]

    When Things Go Wrong

    This week, let’s actively make choices to either gently flow in the direction of what is going right, and if […]

    The Heart

    I often ponder why it’s so hard to follow our hearts and even harder sometimes to hear what they have […]

    What Would It Look Like

    What would it look like if you had a year to live? What would you read? What would you stop […]

    Staying Afloat

    Makes sense doesn’t it? Why do we encourage our ego to engage with that which in our heart of hearts […]

    It’s So Bothersome Being Bothered

    In Buddhism, Dukkha, which is originally a Pali word, is translated most frequently as suffering. Specifically the suffering of the […]

    Selective Feedback

    This is such a huge topic that I might visit it a few times more!!To begin with, ensuring we only […]

    Small Grievances

    I heard Pema Chödrön, one of my favorite authors/speakers/teachers of all time recently speak of ‘small grievances’ and how we […]

    Our Tuning Forks

    I am fascinated by the Mind Body Connection. So much so that within our Integrated Meditation Enhanced Education Program we […]

    You The Scriptwriter

    I have so many conversations about things falling apart, and yesterday’s letter sparked some of those. I think when we […]

    What Would Fade If You Let It

    I’ve had a few recent experiences that really made me sit up and re-evaluate some relationships. Usually I think most […]

    What Other People Think

    Dealing with the fear of ‘what other people think’ affects so many of our students, and myself. I hear about […]

    The Danger of The Majority

    When it comes to spiritual growth, self development and our actively evolving, it can get tricky at times. Sometimes what […]

    The Burn

    Years back I had to really ask myself why were the unimportant things and people in my life getting so […]

    Time To Trim

    So for today’s tools on how to experience a higher grade life, the key thing is to EDIT. When something […]

    Are You Brave Enough To Audit

    High Grade Living is about living the best life we can, with the tools and knowledge to grant us access […]

    Combatting Overwhelm

    This time of year is supposed to be all about fresh starts, and new beginnings and a ‘wealth of opportunity’ […]

    A Daily Commitment

    As we begin to dive into into 2018, I wanted to share a mantra, a daily commitment to move beyond […]

    Talking Broadly with Bodha

    At The Broad Place we became rather obsessed with Bodha’s elegant product and connected with the creator Emily to strike […]

    Talking Broadly – Melissa Ambrosini

    I had the pleasure of initiating Melissa Ambrosini into the art of Vedic Meditation this year. Mel had practiced many […]