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    L E T T E R from Jac – Move Thy Arse

    Over the High Vibe Challenge, in order to raise your vibration, we are going to focus on getting your endorphins rocking! […]

    W E E K E N D E D I T I O N 20

    READ I adore this book by our friend Josh, his approach to creativity and consciousness continually inspires me. I interviewed Josh […]

    L E T T E R – The Creation of Time

    Time is something that expands and contracts, as it’s all a perception. Stay with me, I know it sounds a […]

    L E T T E R – A Path To Authenticity

    Our daughter is doing a speech for school and had to incorporate a bunch of keywords including resilience and respect. […]

    L E T T E R – Fluidity

    I was once taught an analogy that I have carried around with me since from Taoism. It is that when […]

    L E T T E R – Getting Off Our Arses

    The Buddhists say the root cause of suffering is our attachment to desires. It’s not our actual desires. But our […]

    L E T T E R – Fear and Freedom

    This is a little game I play with myself, ‘what’s my greatest fear in this’. I’ve found in every situation […]

    L E T T E R – Gratitude

    I was ordering my coffee the other day, and our lovely friend who makes coffee Andre asked how I was […]

    L E T T E R – Judgement

    When we are building something, a business, a relationship, our spiritual development, our education, our parenting, it’s so easy to […]

    L E T T E R – Peacefulness

    As someone that used to work in advertising, marketing and PR, our whole purpose was to make people believe that […]

    L E T T E R – Progressive Change

    We have wired into our brains and bodies most of our reactions, thoughts, prejudices, and biases. We did so a […]

    L E T T E R – For The Pros

    Inspiration comes to us through a channel of creativity. It’s not out there ‘waiting for us’ it’s flowing from within […]

    L E T T E R – Where is That Somewhere?

    ‘Something, somewhere incredible is waiting to be known’; where is that somewhere? Inside of you. Every external experience we define […]

    L E T T E R – The Voyeur

    Pinterest and Instagram and all the other platforms I don’t even know about are such an incredible source of inspiration. […]

    L E T T E R – Inner Force

    I’ve been meditating for a very long time, and this inner force is the most powerful tool I know for […]

    L E T T E R – Some Notes

    I have sat on this quote for some time. There seemed to be so many moving parts to it, each […]

    L E T T E R ­ – Nature Within

    I really love Jane Goodall and I really love this quote. I also believe in a spiritual power higher than ourselves […]

    L E T T E R – Stay In Your Corner

    There’s something so wonderful about discovering things about yourself, having realisations and seeing tangible results from doing self-development or spiritual […]

    L E T T E R – The Path

    I still remember many years back, over a decade ago, standing in a bookstore in New York, and picking up […]

    L E T T E R – The Two Wings

    There is a beautiful concept with our meditation technique, about the purpose of twice-daily practice. In a nutshell, it’s that […]

    L E T T E R – Being Disturbed

    Today I wanted us to all gain clarity around this essential truth. Have you ever felt rested, calm and full […]

    L E T T E R – Vitality At What Cost

    Fear drains vitality. There’s always some lurking fear around everything – that is getting the wrong diagnosis. I have had […]

    L E T T E R – Our Ideas Of Truth

    Authentic and inspired educational teachers, spiritual teachers, coaches, and mentors have so much to offer us. Yet they are not […]

    L E T T E R – What To Nurse Then

    There is an old Zen story that I really like, with many versions of it, rendered slightly differently, but I […]

    L E T T E R – Our Real Work

    I heard Ram Dass once tell a wonderful story. I’m hazy on the details of country and religion, but it […]

    L E T T E R ­ – Don’t Think

    Instinctive living can be challenging when we are bombarded with opposing opinions backed by scientific studies that say exactly the […]

    L E T T E R – That Flat Spot

    The idea that we are going to always be in the flow, thriving and creative is ludicrous, yet we catch […]

    L E T T E R – Sadhana

    Sadhana is the sanskrit term for daily practice or ritual. Defined by one of my favourite authors Maya Triwari as […]

    L E T T E R – Do It

    There are so many layers to this, and I’ll map out today a few key things to consider when wondering […]

    L E T T E R – Nowhere To Get

    With our meditation practice, with our spiritual quests, our creative endeavors, there is nowhere to get, nothing to gain. Frustrating […]

    L E T T E R – Meaningfulness

    I spent the weekend with Jeff Kober teaching about understanding our humanity, our spirituality, our dharma and how to enliven […]

    L E T T E R ­- Move Your Arse

    I think this quote is such a great follow on from yesterday and I believe it so much. I had […]

    L E T T E R – To Be Breath Taken

    I’m clearly having an emotional week as represented in all the Letters! I feel so positive and taken with the […]

    L E T T E R – The Way

    Firstly I would like to thank all of you that send me the most heartfelt and beautiful notes of gratitude […]

    L E T T E R – Courage Counts

    The writing of the Letters has taught me I think far more than I can ever share and teach through […]

    L E T T E R – Zen Walking

    Kin Hin is a very beautiful practice of walking with presence, sometimes called Zen Walking. I remember still when first […]

    L E T T E R – Anxiety

    I have one rule for our meditation students and that is that they never apologise for not meditating.   Being […]

    L E T T E R – Choices

    When we were in Los Angeles we went to a small, lesser-known private art gallery, and the gentleman working there […]

    L E T T E R – A Fractured Dance

    When I was teaching meditation in Silverlake, we spoke collectively about the current frenzy and uptake of spiritual practices and […]

    L E T T E R – The Journey

    Sometimes the most frequently referenced quotes and lines that are by now cheesy, are the most true, such as the […]

    L E T T E R – Squeamish

    When I am traveling, I really dislike airports. I wish I was more cool and Zen and what not, and […]

    L E T T E R – Soul Search

    Not often are we encouraged in the West to renew our spirit and our spiritual thinking. I’m writing this from […]

    L E T T E R – Inside Out

    It’s tempting to think that all the answers lie outside of us. It allows us to hold others responsible. To […]

    L E T T E R – F*#k The Fear

    Rest is undervalued in today’s frenetic society. I know it for myself. I burnt the candles at both ends for […]

    L E T T E R – A Cat On A Leash

    I hear too often nonsense about ‘taming the mind’ and references to a monkey and wild horses. The mind isn’t […]

    L E T T E R – Perfecting The Fundamentals

    Continuing on from yesterday’s letter, I wanted to talk further about commitment. I study karate and it’s mind-blowingly frustrating because […]

    L E T T E R – Recovery Time

    I had an experience years and years ago, where I went to see a friend of mine who is a […]

    L E T T E R – Impeccable Word

    Last year, I repeated something that someone else said, and I knew I shouldn’t have.I immediately corrected myself and ask […]

    L E T T E R – The Universe Whispers

    Underneath all the noise; our intellect, thinking mind, egos, the exterior machinations of society, other peoples opinions, there is a […]

    Wishing Won’t Work

    Sometimes the intellect can be so defined, that we forget we must apply it. Like a tool that sits in […]

    The 4% Rule

    I have had the pleasure of meeting many talented people in my life, as well as many deeply conscious spiritual […]

    All The Damn Thoughts

    Have you ever listened to all the thoughts going on in your head? I sat in the most beautiful garden […]

    Meditation Or Meditative?

    Lately I’ve found there is so much confusion around what meditation is, what makes it different to some other relaxation […]

    Meeting Yourself

    Rumi passed away 700 years ago and is still the best selling poet in America. His ecstasy filled complications of […]

    No BS Gratitude

    Gratitude is a buzz word right now and almost everyone in one way or another has had some involvement with […]

    Down That Chute

    I love Tina Fey, and I love this quote. Overthinking jams up the whole system. We just have to get […]

    The Besieged Everydayness Of Life

    Remember that episode of The Simpsons were Marge blew a mind gasket and froze up on the bridge, windows up, refusing to […]

    The Constant Reminder

    What happens when a bigger ‘problem’ comes along? All the big problems before it are suddenly relegated to little problems […]

    Shhh Now, Ego

    Oh man doesn’t the ego like to stink up a tantrum when we are wondering, or worse KNOW someone else […]

    The First Time Should Be Enough

    Recently I watched Oprah Winfrey being interviewed after her Cecil B. DeMille award at the Golden Globes. She said, “The […]


    Hi everyone, This is Emily, I am a meditation teacher here at The Broad Place. I have been working with Jac […]

    What Would It Look Like

    What would it look like if you had a year to live? What would you read? What would you stop […]

    Staying Afloat

    Makes sense doesn’t it? Why do we encourage our ego to engage with that which in our heart of hearts […]